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Rihon group

Rihon group


(一)Brief introduction of Hong Kong Rihon International Group

With a long tradition of grinding products, with its unique properties, has become an important industrial tool. It is called the mother of industry, the tooth of industry or the beautician of industry.

RIHON International Group is founded by many senior grinding experts. We produce and represent a wide range of grinding products, from traditional grinding to precision diamond tools, to meet the polishing and grinding of more and more industries and new materials. We enjoy a high reputation in this field.

After more than 30 years of development, we have accumulated rich experience and solid foundation in product application and production technology, making us a famous international group of diversified professional grinding products.

(二) Main business

一、 Import agent

Introduce foreign high-quality grinding products and grinding technology to serve all walks of life, whether it is precision industry or traditional industry.

二、 Manufacturing and R & D

In order to adapt to the fierce competition in the global market, the group has invested in two production bases and research institutions in China, with its own core technology, and the world-class high-quality represented by China grinding is sold all over the world. Foreign manufacturers are welcome to come to our group to produce all kinds of grinding products.

三、 Export marketing and purchasing agent

The group has experienced grinding experts in China, who are technology-oriented and evaluate the grinding products and factory grades in China. Choose the most suitable quality products for foreign customers, and do a good job in quality control for foreign customers in China.

四、 Consulting information and planning business

The group has experienced experts in the grinding industry at home and abroad, who can provide overseas customers with Chinese market reports of various grinding products, as well as consultation and information required in the grinding industry, including the assessment and planning of the establishment of branches by foreign companies in China.

五、 Investment business

1. Invest and produce promising grinding products in China.

2. Investment, merger, holding and acquisition of grinding products factories favorable for the long-term development of the group in China.

Main products

   1. Abrasives: A WA PA SA ZA RA CRA (ceramic abrasive)

   2. Consolidated grinding tools: ceramic, resin, rubber, magnesia bonded grinding wheel, whetstone

   3. Coated abrasives: Abrasive paper, abrasive cloth, abrasive belt, Abrasive cloth wheel, mesh abrasive cloth and other special-shaped products.

   4.Non-woven abrasives: non-woven abrasive sheet, grinding wheel, nylon belt and other special-shaped products.

   5. Polishing products, polishing wax, polishing wheel, etc.

   6. Super hard abrasive tools: Diamond CBN various bond grinding wheel, diamond belt, diamond polishing paste

   7. Ultra precision grinding tape: silicon carbide, alumina, diamond and other abrasives, polyester film abrasive belt, abrasive piece.

   8. Various new grinding products.









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