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(3) Company history
In 1986, the company was founded: formerly known as Fuqing Yunyin Yunzhong Grinding Wheel Factory. Production of ceramic and resin grinding wheels
1989 The factory began to produce magnesium oxide (Lingzhu soil) grinding wheel
In 1992, the factory was awarded a ceramic and resin grinding wheel production license.
1996 Meet the needs of higher quality, introduce Taiwan grinding wheel technology, comprehensively transform the production line and improve quality
In 1997, it was changed to Fuqing Rongma Grinding Wheel Co., Ltd., and entered a diversified professional grinding operation to represent foreign famous brand grinding products.
In 1998, Xiamen Trading Company was established, and the factory introduced coated abrasive production line.
In 1999, the province's sales channels were established to stabilize the Fujian market.
2000 Elastic grinding wheel and epoxy resin grinding wheel developed successfully
In 2001, it entered national marketing and established several direct sales offices in other provinces.
In 2003, a variety of products to replace imported sandpaper and abrasive belts were successfully developed.
In 2004, the overseas market was expanded and foreign bases were established. CRA series non-woven abrasive products have been successfully developed
In 2005, the RIHON brand was officially launched. AFJW ultra-thin super soft abrasive cloth replaces Japanese products
2006 Merged with Hong Kong Lihe International to introduce a new non-woven production line
In February 2009, the Group re-improved the quality of grinding wheels, introduced CNC equipment and Japanese technology, and launched RIHON grinding wheels.
In June 2010, Rongma Manufacturing Division launched a low carbon design grinding wheel, SG grinding wheel
In January 2011, in order to meet the growth of the RIHON grinding wheel market, the capacity was expanded to 350 tons per month, and the maximum diameter of the grinding wheel was expanded to 915 MM.
2015 Acquisition of SGEL abrasives and expansion of production
2016 Lihe Grinding Investment Super Hard Grinding Wheel Production Line
2017 Replaced Japan's heartless polishing wheel and pulp wheel for success
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