Non-woven abrasiv

Non-woven abrasiv



                                                                                                                                                                                                  Non-woven technical services

The unique structure of non-woven abrasive products can provide you with:

It is made up of special fibers and bonded abrasives. It has a unique open network structure.

(一)、Elastic grinding

Elastic lapping can prevent excessive cutting and scratching of the work-piece surface, and will not change the overall size of the work-piece to be ground. Elastic fiber can always adhere to the surface of various shapes of work-piece, and can complete the work-piece that traditional abrasive materials can not complete.

(二)、Advantages of abrasiveness

Non-woven fabric in the grinding process of continuous loss of new abrasives, continuous natural formation, to ensure the processing of work-piece consistent products. Due to the special structure, there will be no blockage and deformation and discoloration of the work-piece due to overheating in the processing process can be avoided. In addition, it has strong water resistance and oil resistance, so as to expand the application area.

(三)、General application scope

A、Grinding and polishing of complex shapes

B、Product surface decoration and grinding

C、Deburring and cleaning function

D、Metal and other products are polished on both sides

(四)、Non-woven abrasive products can replace the following products in many ways:

A、Bonded cloth wheel

B、Steel wool

C、Abrasive paper and belt

D、Steel wheel

E、Grinding wheel and so on

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