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Grinding wheel

Grinding wheel


Grinding wheel

When ordering grinding wheel, please provide the following information for manufacturing.

We have mixed and special abrasives for customers to choose. CRA is ceramic corundum abrasive.

Special Abrasives: 19A、23A27A29A32A38ADA50A57ARADR(DRA)87A93APSA50C5CRA3CRA100A5CRA Phase formula)

Grinding effect of grinding wheel


The grinding wheel is a kind of grinding tool which can continuously cut and grind the surface of the working object by planting tens of millions of hard, sharp and heat-resistant small abrasives on the surface of the working object through high-speed rotary operation, and continuously generate sharp particles and debris gaps (pores), so as to continue to grind various materials.

Other shapes

Shell wheel: unified marking [SUED]

Stone abrasive: General type [MIL]、Special type [MSP]

Valve seat grinding wheel: unified marking [VLVST]

Special shape: usually marking [SP]

Special grinding stone for marble and floor tile:

Disk: φ255*50*φ50 Marking [O]

shoe-shaped gold ingot shape: Marking [S]

A shape: Marking [A]

Horseshoe shape: Marking [H]

Shape of grinding wheel with handle

A Group: Special-shaped

B Group:Special-shaped with small outer diameter (less than 3 / 4 "φ)

W Group:All straight grinding wheels with handle belong to this category

AJ Group:Extension of A group

BJ Group:Extension of B group

Others: SF, K, L group and special specification grinding wheel with handle

Sand bars for superfinishing, cylinder grinding, mould and turning tool dressing

Square mark: SQ

Rectangular mark: RT

Round mark: RD

Half round mark: HR

Regular triangle mark: TR

An R-shaped mark:HN


special-shaped mark: ST

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