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Diamond and CBN

Diamond and CBN


What is called diamond wheel tool

Diamond powder (or CBN powder) is fixed as tool user by using bond, which is the general name of diamond grinding wheel.

Diamond and CBN grinding wheel

1. In order to give full play to the excellent characteristics of diamond and CBN grinding wheel, it is necessary to pay attention to:

a. Mechanical aspect:               b. Grinding wheel installation:

(1) Precision mandrel                      (1) The grinding wheel hole is H6 fit with the mechanical spindle

(2) Good machine rigidity                    (2) The circular pendulum is within 0.01mm, and the face pendulum is within 0.02mm

(3) Sufficient working horsepower              (3) Perfect roundness

(4) Stable rotation speed and propulsion speed

2. Truing and Dressing


The operation of flattening or reshaping the grinding surface of grinding wheel and making it concentric with the grinding wheel spindle is called.



The operation of smoothing the surface of grinding wheel and removing the bond around the abrasive so that the sharp angle of abrasive can properly expose the surface of grinding wheel, so as to produce grinding capacity.

4. Grinding fluid


Wet grinding is suitable in possible area (if not, spray or air blowing), because the grinding fluid has a great influence on the surface roughness, surface accuracy, grinding wheel sharpness and wheel life.

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