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Resin super-hard grinding wheel
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Resin super-hard grinding wheel

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Resin bonding method

Resin bonded diamond CBN grinding wheel has high stability and high efficiency. Through the selection of appropriate abrasive grit size and the combination of ideal bond, it is suitable for processing various materials. It has a wide range of applications, not only has good cutting force, but also can achieve the required precision of work-piece.


Lower processing costs

Excellent grinding ratio, good shape keeping, suitable for mass cutting and shaping grinding

Better surface roughness

The bond has elasticity and can be used in the processing surface with better surface roughness

It needs to be repaired offline

High free cutting property

Good bond strength, long life and high grinding ratio

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes

It can be ground wet or dry


General industry


automotive industry 

Grinding of gear and cylinder bore

Internal hole grinding of constant speed joint

Grinding of inner hole and groove of compressor parts

Grinding of camshaft outer diameter

Inner hole and molding grinding of fuel injection system parts

Grinding of inner and outer diameter of valve push valve

Plane, inside and outside diameter, forming and grinding of mould

Forming and grinding of rocker arm


Tool industry

End mill grinding

Broach grinding

Gear grinding and inner hole grinding of hobbing cutter

Grinding of round knife, long knife and cutting knife

Grinding of thread and inner diameter of die for forging

Circular saw grinding


Air hydraulic equipment

Internal hole grinding of crank shaft plug

Cylinder outer diameter, centerless grinding


Gear industry

Gear tooth grinding and inner diameter grinding

Milling cutter grinding


Bearing industry

Inner diameter grinding and groove grinding of micro ball bearing

Inner diameter grinding and groove grinding of needle bearing

Inner and outer diameter grinding of bearings for aerospace industry

linear slide track grinding

Outside diameter centerless grinding

Ball screw grinding


household-appliance business

Grinding of inner diameter and groove of compressor parts

Mandrel centerless grinding

Grinding of electric hair clipper


Mould industry

Inside and outside diameter, plane grinding and plane forming grinding of mould and metallurgy tools


Machine tool industry

Rail grinding

Grinding of inner and outer diameter, plane and groove

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