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  Welcome to our production base for guidance and exchange.


Main products in 2009

Non-woven abrasive materials, precision grinding tape, RIHON ceramics, resin grinding wheel, new development of various kinds of metal abrasive belt to replace foreign products, diamond abrasive belt

Demand products

Abrasive paper, cloth base and paper base of abrasive cloth, raw materials of ceramic, resin, magnesium oxide grinding wheel, diamond abrasive, glue of non-woven abrasive material and raw material of nylon 66.

Seeking technical cooperation of grinding products.

Non-woven abrasive products, abrasive cloth shaped products, polishing products.

Latest products

(1) The latest KFAA alumina water abrasive (2) 15002000 Scouring pad

 (3) has been successfully developed to replace Japanese zirconia corundumX1282J870K and X871 abrasive belts. The comparison and test are welcome. (4) Introduce more advanced Rihon brand ceramic and resin grinding wheels.

General distributor

The company launches more advanced RIHOH brand ceramic resin grinding wheel, seeking exclusive distributors in various regions. We have imported Japanese technology, CNC equipment and advanced raw materials to reach world-class level. The new brand has price advantage. Welcome to visit our company, and we are looking for the region of a brand exclusive agent in RIHON high-quality abrasive cloth, abrasive paper and belt and CRA scouring pad.

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