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Hong Kong Rihon International Group: everything for tomorrow

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Hong Kong Rihon International Group: everything for tomorrow

(Summary description)Hong Kong Rihon International Group, the operator of grinding products known as "mother of industry", is jointly established by many senior grinding experts. With a long history and exquisite technology, it has won a high reputation in the grinding industry. After more than 20 years of experience, the company has formed import agency, manufacturing and research and development, export marketing and purchasing, consulting information, planning and other main business. As a subsidiary of Rihon group, RongMa Grinding Wheel Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the concept of promoting technological innovation through its own efforts, conforming to the development trend of the times, and constantly innovating and forging ahead.

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  • Time of issue:2010-12-20 09:59
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   Hong Kong Rihon International Group, the operator of grinding products known as "mother of industry", is jointly established by many senior grinding experts. With a long history and exquisite technology, it has won a high reputation in the grinding industry. After more than 20 years of experience, the company has formed import agency, manufacturing and research and development, export marketing and purchasing, consulting information, planning and other main business. As a subsidiary of Rihon group, RongMa Grinding Wheel Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the concept of promoting technological innovation through its own efforts, conforming to the development trend of the times, and constantly innovating and forging ahead.

In July, RongMa Grinding Wheel Co., Ltd., the manufacturing department of Hong Kong  Rihon International Group, launched a new product - low carbon ceramic grinding wheel. Taking "low carbon" as the core concept and adopting advanced technology and modern technology, the ceramic grinding wheel introduced this time is not only advanced in technology but also beautiful in appearance, which has attracted wide attention in the industry. In order to learn more about the new products and the secret of the rapid development of the enterprise, China grinding interviewed Xu Quan, the general manager of Fuqing RongMa grinding wheel.



Reporter: Mr. Xu, please give us a detailed introduction to the sales of RongMa in the first half of this year.

 Mr. Xu: In the first half of the year, the sales of grinding wheels in our company increased.It not only expands the domestic market, makes the domestic regional agent network increasingly perfect, but also increases the number of foreign dealers. For example, because of the quality improvement of the oil stone exported to Japan, it fully meets the Japanese standard, and the sales volume keeps rising. In addition, our grinding wheel with handle, worm grinding wheel, thread grinding wheel, angle cleaning grinding wheel are gradually recognized by customers, and replace some well-known foreign brands, market share has been rapidly improved.



Reporter: The core idea of our new product is "low carbon", so how to embody this concept?

Mr. Xu: This time our company launched low carbon design ceramic grinding wheel, the first is to hope to walk in the forefront of technology, the second is to adapt to the trend. Both at home and abroad are vigorously advocating reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment, which is also our social responsibility as an enterprise. Our company pays more attention to environmental protection. For example, in view of the disadvantages of large dust in general grinding wheel workshop, professional companies are invited to design new manufacturing workshops. Based on the same environmental protection concept, our company has launched a low carbon design ceramic grinding wheel. The ceramic grinding wheel with low carbon design is much better than the grinding wheel produced by traditional method in many fields. Of course, the focus of the product is low carbon and environmental protection.


Reporter: Mr. Xu, what are the advantages of this new product? What are the main applications? What is the market prospect?

Mr. Xu: We make up the low-carbon grinding wheel with different bright colors to make it a complete ceramic art, highlight the product differentiation, and make the product more commercialized. In addition, these products are not only the differences in appearance, but also emphasize the essential differences of grinding wheels with different colors.Through the grinding machine test in the company, it is found that the quality of the grinding wheel is significantly improved, the wear resistance is increased by more than 30%, and the grinding efficiency can be doubled; the cutting amount and the polished finish are also improved simultaneously, the grinding impedance is reduced, and the shape retention of the grinding wheel is increased by more than one time; in addition, the product is distributed to more than 10 customers for trial use after being tested in its own factory, and the product is obtained The customer's unanimous affirmation. Some customers even placed an order for 400 tablets after trying out the new products.

At present, the advantages of this product have been verified in tool grinding, plane grinding and molding grinding. Our company is still studying more bonds, highlighting the characteristics of products, improving the category of low-carbon products, and constantly exploring new application fields. Our company's low-carbon ceramic grinding wheel bond has been researched to the second generation, and is currently researching how to improve the toughness of the bond. In the future, our company will explore experience in various fields and make further promotion.

   We are very optimistic about the market prospect. At present, some agents have expressed their willingness to promote this product. Moreover, it is not easy for domestic counterparts to counterfeit the product after seven years of research. In addition, the products are also recognized by Japanese peers, and our company has full confidence in the foreign market.


Reporter: Why did we choose to develop this product? (The background of product development)

Mr. Xu: The development of this product itself is a trend. It has been done in foreign countries for a long time. Our company often researches the advanced technology in the market and the future technology direction, so as to facilitate the technical reserve of enterprises. In fact, when we developed this product seven years ago, it was to export the golden grinding wheel, so we did a lot of tests. At the beginning, we used the traditional firing method, the product produced by the golden yellow edge is not uniform, there is color run phenomenon. It is found that the problem of atmosphere affects the color, and is also related to the atmosphere and firing time. Therefore, in the later production process, the sintering time is continuously compressed to ensure the appearance of the grinding wheel. In view of the failure experience, our company tried hard to communicate with Taiwan ceramic industry experts and Japanese grinding wheel old engineers. Our efforts were not bad. Finally, we got inspiration from the success of Japanese counterparts, started from the bond to solve the problem, and finally found a breakthrough to solve the problem. Now the sintering time of the grinding wheel is within 30 hours, and the internal and external consistency of the grinding wheel can be ensured. The short sintering time and high quality of the grinding wheel can be achieved, and the quality can be improved while saving energy. However, with the reduction of sintering energy, our cost has increased, because the cost of bond is much higher than the abrasives. Some special materials are need to import from abroad. We can make a calculation, the sintering cost of a grinding wheel is reduced by ¥1, but the cost of bond agent is increased by ¥3. However, due to the improvement of quality and value, we still have to work hard to promote this product, because it's low-carbon and environmentally friendly.


Reporter: The launch of this new product can be said to be a great innovation. How do you view innovation, Mr. Xu? What innovations have we made over the years?

Mr. Xu: This product is indeed an innovation for us, but it is not an innovation for our peers, because today China has entered the international market, this product has been abroad for a long time, we just learn to imitate others. When I went to Guangdong to promote this new product this time, I found that Saint Gobain company was already promoting this kind of product. Saint Gobain is called blue sky grinding wheel, We have noticed that is low carbon design. Our manufacturing process may be different, but we believe the purpose is the same. Innovation often needs a price. For example, I don't know how many times we have failed in this grinding wheel. Ha ha, innovation actually includes many kinds, such as the innovation of application discovery, the innovation of design concept and so on. I think imitation is an innovation. Only by learning to imitate can we surpass. Many Chinese enterprises are like this, which is also true. Innovation can also be a kind of idea. If there is innovative action, there will be thinking of enterprise progress. I am always learning and acting. In this way, I have formed the habit of innovation. I can't say how much we have innovated in recent years. I believe that peers and customers will learn about our company. We may be the first domestic CNC press to produce grinding wheel. In the past, we used to produce grinding wheel by fixed mold forming method, which required a lot of backing plates. I learned that foreign grinding wheels use numerical control to solve this problem. Before setting up a new factory, our company continuously researched and developed suitable equipment, and finally developed a CNC press that can automatically double-sided pressure. This may be learned from others, but it is a breakthrough innovation for us, which improves the quality of our products. In terms of products, we constantly study new bond properties and grinding wheels. For example, SG ceramic abrasive wheel, there is a company in Chongqing, which used to be imported worm grinding wheel, with the speed of 75M/S or air hole grinding wheel. The equipment is CNC, and the grinding wheel starts to rotate. All the data used must be the same as their CNC data. We are 100% the same as the imported ones. In order to meet the quality requirements, the group of a well-known grinding wheel factory in Dalian imported the products of famous Austrian grinding wheel company. Our thread grinding products completely replaced the imported products, including helping the Dalian company develop the channel grinding instead of the imported ones, and already cooperated with us for one year. We do according to the customer's special requirements of the ordered products, our so-called customer products, can be regarded as innovation. Including our company adopts multi brand, multi color and regional agent in the sales of grinding wheel. We have been innovating in protecting the interests of dealers, in order to win-win cooperation partner concept for a long time. Maybe for us, progress is innovation. Even if the progress is 1%, looking back on the past is a big innovation. This is also our understanding of innovation.


Reporter: knowing that our company has done a lot of import and export trade, how do you think of the frequent fluctuation of RMB exchange rate and European debt crisis? How much impact will it have on our import?

Mr. Xu: Yes, our company has done a lot of import and export trade, but I think the RMB exchange rate has little impact on us. In terms of product and structure, there are many kinds of grinding products. For example, there is a great distance between our grinding wheel and the developed countries in the world in terms of quality and price. Their grinding wheel price is several times or even dozens of times higher than ours. As long as the quality of our products is improved, the export sales will also increase. This is the case with our grinding wheels. Our goal is to be a world-class grinding wheel company, not to mention the price. On the contrary, I think that the stability of China's employees is more important than the exchange rate. Good quality requires stable employees. Our company has a philosophy that employees should form a habit of high-quality requirements. Compared with Southeast Asia, China's labor advantage is not obvious. It's not just about wages, it's about how we make employees do well. Today, many low profit industries rely on the supply system of our industrial chain. In this impetuous period, I think the thinking of employees is the first. The appreciation of RMB is helpful to us. As an agent of foreign products, the price competitiveness is stronger and the profit is also improved. For the European debt crisis, I am not an economic expert, so it is inconvenient to judge. I think we should do our duty well and ensure our cash flow continuously is the best way to deal with the crisis.



Reporter: we have been engaged in the production and sales of series of grinding products for many years. What do you think will be the trend of grinding products in the future?(What are the new features and changes of grinding products in recent years?)

Mr. Xu: Our company was founded in 1986, from the production of ceramic, resin, magnesium oxide bonded grinding wheel over 24 years. We produce and sell many kinds of grinding products (polishing wheel, nylon wheel, Belt sandpaper, various coating products, polishing paste, diamond tools, etc.), I think I know something about grinding products. There are many kinds of grinding products. It is difficult to determine other categories by the development trend of one category. However, it is generally developing in the direction of environmental protection, energy saving, efficiency, durability and precision. Therefore, some products develop to diamond super-hard materials, including the appearance of diamond products coated with abrasives. Today, I will briefly talk about the future development direction of China's grinding wheel. One thing is clear, the history of the development of any country and industry are all like this, and some low-quality products are always eliminated. Our grinding wheel will continue to adapt to the development of machine tools. In the future, the emergence of more grinding CNC grinding machines will put forward higher requirements for grinding wheel spacing, dressing and lengthening, and higher requirements for the stability of grinding wheel. There are more and more new abrasive grinding wheels are widely used. For example, SG abrasive wheel was a patent of Norton before, and the grinding wheel in Taiwan of China is called kg grinding wheel. Now many companies are developing and producing it. Our company is called LG grinding wheel. When LG ceramic corundum grinding wheel grinds more than 50 degrees, it is fully reflected in environmental protection, energy saving, efficiency, durability, precision and traditional SA. Now there are many market applications, such as gear grinding industry. First, it meets the accuracy requirements, and second, it improves the efficiency. For example, we should have invested in three CNC grinding machines, but now one is OK. The electricity cost is saved, the equipment investment is saved, the workshop area is saved, and the staff are less used. After a series of accounting, the final cost is greatly reduced, and the quality is improved the waste rate is reduced. In the future, more business owners account for the final cost. With the development of science and technology and the appearance of more wear-resistant materials, some consolidation products will develop in the direction of diamond and CBN.

RongMa Grinding Wheel Co., Ltd., the manufacturing department of Hong Kong Rihon International Group, is a company that creates miracles. It firmly takes its own characteristic innovation road, firmly establishes the people-oriented concept, and displays its own development space with the image of spreading wings and taking off, and shows the world a responsible image of a large company. RongMa grinding wheel yesterday is brilliant, today is progress, we expect its tomorrow is to create a miracle.

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